Welcome Happiness Token (HPS) to Hakuswap with HIGH APR Farms and xHAKU pools!

We are thrilled to expand our partnership with Billion Happiness with the listing of Happiness Token, HPS! Start earning at Hakuswap.com! 🚀

What is Billion Happiness?

Billion Happiness is a blockchain community-based project, that introduces Blockchain to billions of people through simple needs including clothes or wearables, crypto essentials like hardware wallets, and interests and passion including digital artworks. It is committed to providing Happiness by rewarding its community through its token called BHC & HPS. The rewards can be earned from every transaction on its NFT Marketplace. Its further development led its way to the DeFi world. Making the token farmable, stake-able, and tradable on various exchanges.

🔥What is the HPS token?

HPS Token HPS is a booster token for the Billion Happiness project to support, build an ecosystem, and Develop the NFT marketplace. To create, trade, or collect digital items secured with BSC blockchain. On top of its features, making it a complete NFT marketplace on the BSC, the marketplace has its own token, Happiness Token (HPS). HPS’s primary purpose is to be used as a Billion Happiness project booster. Currently, HPS will be integrated into the NFT marketplace, allowing artists to pay listing fees in HPS or BNB.

To learn more about Billion Happiness & HPS, please visit their official channels

Website: https://billionhappiness.finance/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BHC_Happiness

Telegram: https://twitter.com/BHC_Happiness

Whitepaper: https://nft.billionhappiness.finance/docs/WhitePaper.pdf

👩‍❤️‍👩What is coming to Hakuswap?

Stake xHAKU earn $20,000 HPS over 3 months

Stake HPS-AVAX earn HAKU with a 1x multiplier

💱How to earn HPS

Stake xHAKU to earn HPS tokens!

🤗How do you Stake xHAKU to earn HPS?

If you own HAKU or xHAKU you can earn HPS with a super high APR!

  1. HAKU or buy HAKU here: https://exchange.hakuswap.com/#/swap
  2. Visit this webpage: https://hakuswap.com/xhaku or click on ‘Staking’ on the menu
  3. Stake HAKU for xHAKU
  4. Approve HAKU
  5. Press + Stake and stake your HAKU for xHAKU
  6. Scroll Down to the Earning Section
  7. Approve the HPS Pool
  8. Press the “+” button and stake your xHAKU for HPS
  9. Harvest your HPS rewards at anytime

AVAX HPS is live on the AVAX C-Chain and the earned HPS can be freely traded at Hakuswap!

⛰️How do you stake HPS-AVAX to earn HAKU

Do you hold HPS or want to buy HPS? Add your HPS to a liquidity pool and start earning now at Hakuswap!

  1. Go to the liquidity or Zap Page here: https://exchange.hakuswap.com/#/pool or https://exchange.hakuswap.com/#/zap
  2. Caution: if you use ZAP there may be large slippage due to low liquidity. Slippage means your trade will result in a lower than expected received
  3. Buy HPS here
  4. Click add liquidity
  5. Select ‘HPS’ & ‘AVAX’ and enter the amount of each
  6. Click Supply
  7. Wait for the pop-up and click ‘Confirm Supply’
  8. Confirm the Transaction
  9. Done! You can view the transaction by clicking on ‘View on Snowtrace’

🌉 How to bridge HPS from BSC, Polygon, or Fantom to AVAX

Have HPS on another chain like BSC? Bridge it quickly, cheaply, and easily using the Multichain bridge!

  1. Go to https://app.multichain.org/#/router
  2. Select HPS and pick the From Chain (Polygon, BSC, Fantom)
  3. Select HPS and Avalanche Mainnet To Chain
  4. Click Swap and confirm the cross-chain router information by clicking ‘Confirm’
  5. Approve the Transaction
  6. Wait some time to receive your AVAX HPS

Congrats! You can now use your HPS on AVAX at Hakuswap!

👪 HakuSwap Partners

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Apply today and join us on our journey to the moon!

🌎Quick Links

Website: https://hakuswap.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hakuswap
Medium: https://hakuswap.medium.com/
Docs: https://docs.hakuswap.com/
Discord: https://discord.gg/hakuswap



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