Transcript: HakuSwap AMA with Billion Happiness February 23th at 2 PM UTC

123 (BHC): We have here @thehakusan the CEO of our new partner, HakuSwap to answer our questions.
Hakuswap is an Avalanche exchange with features including AMM, NFT, and GameFi.
Firstly, could you tell us in more detail what HAKUSWAP is and why have you chosen the Avalanche network?

@thehakusan: HakuSwap is the newest Dex on Avalanche with the lowest fees and the highest APRs for Defi investors & traders! HakuSwap is a crypto world for users to trade, earn, and game. It is the premier choice for projects on Avalanche with features including AMM, NFT, and Gamer-i.
You can visit our site at https:// hakuswap .com/

Some of our great features

🏔Lowest Exchange Fee — 0.2% per swap
🏔50% of Swap Revenue Sharing with xHAKU holders
🏔NFT staking and mining
🏔Metaverse expansion
🏔Trade Mining — get paid to trade!
🏔High APR Farming & Staking Pools!
🏔AnaIytics — See all the trades and liquidity on the HakuSwap Dex!
🏔Free Token Multisender 01 Click Zap LP Creator
🏔Free multichain bridge with anyswap/multichain integration. You can bridge from Eth, BSC, Poygon, FTM, and AVAX

We picked the Avalanche Network because of the high TVL, great community, strong development team, and positive outlook for the future of the network.

123 (BHC): There you go! 😊
Well, agree on that! Avalanche is truly a great network to work in thats why we expand on this network as well. 😊

@thehakusan: Yes we’re so excited that Billion Happiness was the FIRST project to join us at Hakuswap!

123 (BHC): Looking forward for more collaboration. 😊 moving on..
We can all agree that one of the most relevant issues in the crypto world is security. We know that you are audited, of course, but can you please expound and tell us your thoughts about this?

@thehakusan: Security is #1 . We are all about safuty at Hakuswap. Hakuswap code was sourced from 3 Certik audited projects, PCS, Babyswap, and Spookyswap
In addition we obtained 2 audits from Hash0x and Ether Authority
Both auditors gave secured ratings to Hakuswap and stated our code was ready for production
You can view the audits on our docs page.
We always have our code audited prior to deployment.
We are also about to sign a contract with Certik to gain more audits.

123 (BHC): Wow! That’s impressive! It shows you truly take security seriously. I’m sure the community is very happy to know about all this.

@thehakusan: Of course! There are too many rug pulls now and we want to build a safe place for investors

123 (BHC): Exactly! We all want to prevent as much rugs pulls as we can.
Okay let’s move on to the next.
On another topic, can you tell us about your main strategies to attract liquidity to your DEX? For example, we noticed you are very active on all your social media platforms.

@thehakusan: Having a strong and happy community is a great strategy to build liquidity and TVL. If the user base believes in the project then the $HAKU token remains strong.
We are working hard to onboard strong and desirable partners to Hakuswap. In addition to Billion Happiness, we have some major NFT based projects about to join our exchange!
Hakuswap also charges super low fees and shares 50% of all exchange revenue with xHAKU holders. Our daily buy back is actually about to happen in the next hour.
In addition we have a strong marketing plan to attract as many users as possible. Our next goal is $100 million TVL.
Please follow our twitter to get real time updates:

123 (BHC): That’s awesome and true. A happy and trusting community makes the world go round! 😊
I hope HakuSwap reaches its goal quickly 🙌
Next one..
As you mentioned, besides the community, the core of all projects is the team’s hard work. Can you tell us how many people makeup HakuSwap?
As it’s growing so fast and steady, I got curious! Lol

@thehakusan: Hakuswap has a deep bench of experienced developers, markets, business development and community managers.
Our dev team is 3 strong with a CTO, front and solidity dev, 1 full time marketer, 1 marketing agency, a number of community managers, and 2 business development managers.

123 (BHC): Woah! That’s way more people than I thought.
It’s great to have a strong team.
Moving on, you’ve mentioned it many times and we’ve also noticed that you have very, very low fees. Can you elaborate this?

@thehakusan: Of course! Swap fees and slippage are some of the largest expenses for a trader.
Hakuswap only charges 0.2% per trade vs the average 0.3% per trade. Soon we will start our trade mining feature that allows users to get paid while they trade! Once enabled, Every swap will reward a user with $HAKU tokens which will make the swap fee super small or even PAY the users to trade.
We do not charge any deposit or withdraw fees on the yield farm.
Our staking program is unique to Avax.
HAKU holders can stake their HAKU for xHAKU. xHAKU earns 50% of the daily swap revenue and withdraw fees from xHAKU.
There is a 30 day waiting period to leave xHAKU with no fee. This is set up to reward long term holders of HAKU.
If you withdraw before 30 days the withdraw is subject to a 4% withdraw fee. 2% of the fee is burned & and 2% of the fee is shared back to the pool. So everytime someone leaves early the xHAKU holders are earning more.
xHAKU fee share is about 40% APR just on its own. XHAKU can also be staked to earn HAKU at about 650% APR.
We just launched our partner pool with Billion Happiness and that’s earning 407% APR!

123 (BHC): Yay! Certainly unique. It’s actually the first time I’ve heard bout getting paid for trading. 🙂
Looks like a bright future for those using HakuSwap! ⭐️
Last question!
May we have the links to your website and all your social media for the folks here?


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Telegram Community Live Questions

Q1. HAKUswap NFTs will be staked to earn HAKU, how can HAKUswap NFTs be minted?

@thehakusan: our play to earn game The Battle of Haku is undergoing development now! stay tuned for details

Q2. I see Haku is the native token of Haku Swap, it’s a big deal your project based DEX on Avax. Can you explain the differences between the various “HakuSwap” featutes areas with other DEX ?

@thehakusan: can give you all the info you need

Q3. I see that Haku’s emissions will be reduced by 5% per month in return for cultivation, xHAKU, participation and environmental rewards. Can you provide a detailed schedule of emotions and when they occur?


Q4. Please can you outline the differences between HAKU and xHAKU @thehakusan

@thehakusan: Haku is the native token for Hakuswap and can be earned via liquidity mining, trade mining, NFTs, and staking xHAKU.

xHAKU is the fee share and staking token for Hakuswap. Stake HAKU for xHAKU and earn 50% of the daily trading revenue + stake for other tokens

123 (BHC): There you go. Done with the 4 community questions. 😊👏
As we’ve reached the end of our questions, we wanted to sincerely congratulate you on your successful start. We’re sure that you’ll keep up the excellent work and we’ll continue to work in close collaboration to provide the community with great investment options!
Thank you @thehakusan for answering our questions.
Hope we all have a great time.

@thehakusan: Thank you so much!

123 (BHC): For more questions to the HakuSwap team, please go ahead and join their channels!






That concludes our AMA with HakuSwap! 😊❤️



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