Recap: Billion Happiness AMA with HakuSwap February 27th at 2 PM UTC

7 min readFeb 27, 2022


DeFi Maniac (HAKU): Hey Community! Welcome to the Billion Happiness AMA!

Please refrain from sending any messages. You’ll have a chance to ask your questions during the Q&A portion of the AMA.

I’ll be asking some basic questions to get to know the Billion Happiness team and project.

@BillionHappiness — After you’re done answering, please say “done” so I can ask the next question.

After we are through with the basic questions, we will open up chat so the community can ask any additional questions they may have.

Rewards — The Billion Happiness team will pick the top 5 questions to answer. Those who provided the top 5 questions will be splitting $50 of Rewards! So stick around and get those questions ready!

After the official AMA has completed, if the Billion Happiness team wants to stay and answer any additional questions or just socialize, they are more than welcome to hang :)

So let’s get started!

Arnel (BHC): Yes I’m Ready 👍🚀

DeFi Maniac (HAKU): So lets start with an intro, Could you just give a brief intro of your background/role within the project?

Arnel (BHC): Hello Everyone! Hope you are all having a wonderful day! Thank you for inviting Billion Happiness in your community.

I’m Arnel, the founder and CEO, I started my journey with cryptocurrencies since 2014. BillionHappiness is one of the pioneers on Binance Smart Chain Network. Our BHC token was created a year ago, September 2020. Together with my other 2 other co-founders, BSC_Pleb and BHC_Elainne. 😊

We are a group of passionate and committed team members working together for Billion Happiness Finance Project with other 5 Developers, 5 Community Managers. Our dedication to build Billion Happiness Project is always driven by our very active community since the beginning.

DeFi Maniac (HAKU): Thanks for the introduction, personally I remember those old days of the BSC and BHC was there for as long as I can remember!

Arnel (BHC): Yes! but now we are expanding in Avalanche Network 🤩

DeFi Maniac (HAKU): Lets move on to the first question.

Can you tell us a bit about Billion Happiness (it’s function) as well as what makes Billion Happiness different from other NFT Market Places? Some of our readers may not be familiar with NFT Projects.

Arnel (BHC): Interesting 😊

Billion Happiness is a blockchain community-based project for Defi, Yield Farming, Staking and NFT Marketplace. Currently we have our Emotion Pools where you can stake our tokens — BHC & HPS to earn other tokens. We also have BHC Farming pools available on our site and Farming pools on other platforms from our partnerships.

As for our NFT marketplace, we believe selling is an art, with that we would like to help SME and Entrepreneurs to innovate their products/services using our platform. We strongly believe that our NFT Marketplace doesn’t just hold digital arts, but also sells physical items with the NFT. We continue to discover and develop more NFT use cases, because we think that it’s more than just jpegs. Soon, we will also build in the Avalanche network.

Explore our Billion Happiness NFT Marketplace at

Thank you. 😊

DeFi Maniac (HAKU): Sounds great! Now i see why BHC is the first partner of Haku, i can see a bright future for Haku and Billion Happiness on Avalanche 🥰

It lead us to the next Q

Why did you folks decide to partner with Hakuswap and how does it tie into the ecosystem?

Arnel (BHC): I love this question 😊👍

We wanted to expand our network and we found HakuSwap to be one of the most innovative projects in the DeFi space. We like their trade mining, low transaction fees, and the team behind the project. 😎

We believe their user-friendly interface and added benefits will be great for our community altogether.

DeFi Maniac (HAKU): Next Question will be about security, with so many rugs and exploit on DeFi safety of users is a must.

How “safe” is Billion Happiness?

I’ve seen a couple market places suffer from attacks and how does Billion Happiness protect its users from similar attacks?

Arnel (BHC): Firstly, both of our tokens are Certik Audited; and we burned the minting power for BHC and HPS you can verify that on 😊

For both our tokens and marketplace, we will also continue to apply with other security platforms for our Smart Contract to gain more trust and protect community funds. 😎

DeFi Maniac (HAKU): Wow it’s good to know BHC is audited by such a top auditor like CertiK, we’re in talks to be audited by them too!

Next question…

How do I buy BHC? Is there any slippage?

Arnel (BHC): Wow!! for sure Hakuswap will be audited for sure🚀

You can buy it on MEXC, Probit, Bitmart, Hotbit and of course you can buy BHC in HakuSwap using your AVAX or USDT. You can use a 0.1% or 0.5% slippage.

DeFi Maniac (HAKU): Can you tell us a little more about the BHC Tokenomics? Why should I buy BHC?

Arnel (BHC): BHC simply means “Billion Happiness Community” a token pioneering Binance Smart Chain Network with the purpose of rewarding our community. With our maximum supply of 50,000 that’s fully circulating, we’ve become a multi-chain project with our recent bridges to the Fantom Network, Polygon Network, and Avalanche Network. This opens up a lot of opportunities in expanding the project and ecosystem. 👍

BHC Staking

✅you can stake BHC to earn BHC “1 year locked”

✅stake BHC to earn BHC

✅BHC-BNB LP to earn BHC

and more in Avalanche Network soon.

✅You can also buy NFTs using BHC

DeFi Maniac (HAKU): 50k is very small supply, this might take off anytime soon, everybody go and grab some BHC and lets be happy and wealthy!

Next question is about your marketplace.

How do I list an NFT in the Billion Happiness marketplace?

Arnel (BHC): Yes BHC and HAKU 🚀🚀🚀

We are currently on the BSC network. To list an NFT, please visit this link and watch our guide:

We’re also looking forward to having our marketplace in the Avalanche Network in the future and Haku holders can use it soon!

DeFi Maniac (HAKU): Good to know! I got few NFTs on BSC willing to be listed somewhere hehe

Next question.

Any future plans or things you can share that are on the horizon?

Arnel (BHC): Our vision is for our platform to grow and branch out to more and more people- both in NFT and DeFi. We see Billion Happiness as an innovative alternative for banking and shopping platforms.

A certain belief that I’ve always had is reflected in our vision. I believe that we should focus on technology rather than money, because technology is changing the world, particularly technology that provides a “Solution to a Problem” (Bitcoin, BNB, FTM, BHC, etc.) and is balancing the power of corrupt systems by removing the authority of central banks and corrupt governments. So with that, in our DeFi platform, what we aim is to help people grow their money by “unbanking”. We want to help people manage their money even with the absence of an actual bank. We aim to create a financial system that is by the community and for the community. 😊

In terms of listings, we started with just one, and now we have 10 on DEX and 4 on CEX! This gives our users more options when it comes to exchanges.

We currently have pending applications in major exchanges for centralized exchange. We’re just waiting for a good volume of users to get in — so the more users, the more opportunities await us all! 👍

DeFi Maniac (HAKU): Thank you for your detailed answers, it really is an honor to have you and all of Billion Happiness here! Very good. We are coming to the end of this section of the AMA but first we would like to ask you.

Any other thoughts or anything we did not cover?

Arnel (BHC): Thank you also for having me here. 🥰🥰

If you’re curious to learn more about Billion Happiness and what we have in store for you guys in the future, please feel free to check out our whitepaper here 👉

DeFi Maniac (HAKU): Ok Community! Opening up for Q&A! Top 5 questions will be selected to be answered and those 5 will split the rewards.

The previously submitted questions also count towards being selected.

If you’re chosen as one of the top 5 questions after the AMA open up a support ticket on our discord ( and provide your wallet information. Be sure to say that you were one of the top 5 questions from the Billion Happiness AMA.

We will give 1 min for questions to be submitted then I’ll have everyone pause on submitting questions so our guest can answer them. Any unanswered questions can be answered post AMA if our guest is able to hang out :).


Telegram Community Questions

Q1. Where do you see BHC in 1 year, what’s your goal by that time?

Arnel (BHC): Multi chain Tokens and Multi Chain NFT marketplace networks 🥰

Q2. Where are you tokens listed ? Have you completed listings in coingcko and cmc?

Arnel (BHC): Yes already listed in CMC and Coingecko just search BHC 🚀

Q3. I can see that BHC ATL=$0.63 and ATH= $463 in like 06 months.

Can you kindly explain the various strategies or steps taken to reach this gigantic figure. Its just overwhelming to see such a huge pump .👍

I hold HORIZEN(ZEN) token too from its like initial stage but never heard of BHC those days.

Arnel (BHC): Its because of community power 😊😊

DeFi Maniac (HAKU): @BillionHappiness Thank you for coming out and thanks for your answers! If you want to stay a few more minutes to answer more questions from the community, feel free to do so!