Dear Participants

Warmest congratulations on your achievement on being selected for Phase 2 HakuSwap Ambassador Program!

Your unparalleled determination to earn an ambassador title is of utmost importance to HakuSwap and its community of prospective ambassadors. This mission defines your future with us as a family and it can only be accomplished with your invaluable support. Our team has been busy reviewing each member’s profile and engagement level based on our powerful analytics engine . We will undoubtedly continue onboarding new members passionate about growing HakuSwap and ready to help others benefit greatly from our ecosystem.

Now is your turn to prove to our entire HAKUSWAP community your merit to earn your Ambassador Title and become part of the family!

Once you are added to Phase 2, you will need to unlock NEW MILESTONES to be eligible for NEW REWARDS that are only accessible to PHASE 2 WINNERS. This unique opportunity will allow you to receive high rewards within the PORTAL. Phase 2 Winners are required to work closely with NEWLY REGISTERED MEMBERS and complete all the tasks that will be unlocked to them in phases Sunday, April 23, 5 PM UTC.

We kindly ask you to spend some time to make sure you have a COMPLETE PROFILE to make it easy for other prospective ambassadors to connect with you and learn from your experience. Make sure to read HAKUSWAP AMBASSADORS OFFICIAL RULES if you haven’t done so.


Keep in mind that we will continue rewarding and adding new members from Phase 1 with the HIGHEST ENGAGEMENT LEVEL to PHASE II.

Emmanuel Chukwuemeka

Manny Gabriel

Abas Holiday

Miracle Eze

Favour Umoh

Kue Ken-aminikpo

Anafi Abdulqudus

Smart Amba’s

G Edet

Obed Obed Ukeme

Kenny Black

Ayesha Ilyas

Thatboy Squid

Oko Daberechi

Anthony Gideon

Ay Zed

Okwong Okwong

Opeyemi Oyehan

Ceejay Dean

Bright Afia

Saviour Anieti

Ifechkuwu Ejikeme

David Ekong

Jimoh Abdulazeez

Любовь Феоктистова

Olawale Emmanuel

Unyime Leo

God’stime Agomouoh

Solomon Chris

Kenneth Roland Eddie

Yhutie James

Ini U

Artem Markin

Fagbolade Yasir

Samuel James

Esther Lsong

Nelly O.

Vicky Johnson

Arise Joshua

John Nino

Amusat Sodiq

Emmanuel Michael

Suleiman Saeed

Olofin Taiwo

David Eyo

Mark Godday

Ubee Dominic

We’re thrilled to announce the most active members with the HIGHEST ENGAGEMENT LEVELS in PHASE 1. Each will receive 250 in HAKU REWARDS.

  • Miracle Eze
  • Kue Ken-aminikpo
  • Anafi Abdulqudus
  • Ifechkuwu Ejikeme
  • Emmanuel Chukwuemeka
  • Manny Gabriel
  • Favour Umoh
  • Smart Amba’s
  • G Edet
  • Obed Obed Ukeme
  • Kenny Black
  • Ayesha Ilyas
  • Thatboy Squid

If your name is not on the list that means you have plenty of time to increase your engagement level and build your profile. Keep in mind that PHASE 1 old and newly added members will continue to receive new rewards based on their active engagement level. Members who have not been able to update their profile information are not qualified to receive the rewards and move to PHASE 2. In addition, members who have not been able to maintain healthy discussion and communication or engage in demeaning, defaming and debasing the community will be effectively removed from the network after receiving 3rd WARNING. Please refer to HAKUSWAP AMBASSADOR PROGRAM CODE OF CONDUCT for more details. If you are a new member and are not sure where to start, read our documentation and review the participation rules. Make sure to connect with other members for support.

Thank you all for your invaluable support and contributions and congratulations on your achievement.


HakuSwap Team

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