Introducing the Mines of Haku: A high yield low risk daily 2% income miner with dual rewards paid in AVAX and HAKU with a 730% APR

The Mines of Haku is the FIRST dual-reward, high-yield, and low-risk contract designed to provide participants with up to 2% daily returns paid in AVAX and HAKU. Built by the Hakuswap team, Mines of Haku is the perfect companion project built to increase the price and TVL of Haku while rewarding the participants.

The contract stores the AVAX for each participate, at the time of claim, 75% of the AVAX is rewarded to the player and 25% of the AVAX is used to market buy HAKU and is sent to the player.

ℹ️ Mines of Haku Project Details

Important Terms

  • Miner Power — Miner Power is the power of the miners that are hired with AVAX and work to get your rewards.
  • Gemz -Gemz are available reward in Mines of Haku. Compound or claim your Gemz to receive AVAX and HAKU!
  • Compound- reinvest your earnings to earn a higher percentage of the TVL and gain more Miner Power
  • Claim- Claim harvests any pending AVAX and HAKU rewards directly to your wallet
  • Referral- You can generate a referral link to earn 10% of your referred deposits and all compounds. Your referral rewards are paid in Gemz which allows you to claim or compound (recommended).

💳How to Buy

At 5 PM UTC on May 4th, users will be able to buy Miner Power using AVAX. The more Miner Power you have the more AVAX and HAKU rewards you can compound and claim. Simply connect your AVAX C Chain wallet to, input the amount of AVAX you’d like to deposit, and click “Buy Miner Power”.

🤗The Optimal Strategy

The optimal strategy to realize higher returns and maximize earnings is the 6:1 strategy. The 6:1 strategy recommends Miners to compound for 6 days and then claim rewards on the 7th day, followed by another 6 days of compounding with 1 day of claims. This is a proven and battle-tested method. When a user claims their rewards, they are paid in AVAX and HAKU. A community built calculator can be viewed here to show the power of the 6:1 method:

🎎 How to Generate a Referral Link

Generating a referral link is as easy as connecting your wallet to and scrolling down to the “Referral Link” section. Any of your referrals who buy Miner Power with your link will reward you with 10% of their deposit and 10% of all of their compounds. The best part is that your referral rewards are not deducted from their deposits or compounds! The more you share the more you can earn!

🙋Have any more Questions?

Be sure to join our socials or check out the FAQ Page at

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