Introducing: The Battle of Haku — A play to earn NFT game on the Avalanche Blockchain! Whitelist Open NOW!

Choose a side, challenge your opponents and earn rewards in an action-packed battle on Mountain Haku with a state-of-the-art Play-to-Earn NFT Game built on Avalanche with 10,000 NFTs.

The Battle of Haku is a play-to-earn NFT Game built on Avalanche. The game pioneers a unique type of NFT mechanics and tokenomics allowing you to monetize your gaming experience with HAKU in an action-packed adventure on Mountain Haku where the battle between the Monks and the Dark Valley Ninjas lives on.

A congregation of Monks strives to protect the spirit within Mount Haku in their efforts to be enlightened with the power of Haku while fighting back the Dark Valley Ninjas. Only the ones faithful to the spirit will remain unharmed to protect Haku from the Dark Valley Ninjas …

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Battle of Haku Website:
Hakuswap Website:
Telegram (En):

Game Overview

The Battle of Haku contains 10,000 high-quality NFTs with 9,500 Monks of Mount Haku and the 500 Dark Valley Ninjas.

  • Only 5,000 Gen 0, minted for 1 AVAX each.
  • 5,000 Gen 1–3 are minted by spending $HAKU
  • 8,500 HAKU per day is distributed to the game.
  • NFT “Monks” can be staked in the Temple to earn $HAKU
  • NFT “Monks” pay tax upon claiming their $HAKU rewards
  • NFT “Monks” unstaked/Abandoned from the Temple are faced with the Ninjas coming to accumulate their $HAKU
  • Newly recruited/ Minted “NFT Monks” can be kidnapped/ stolen by the Ninjas instead of being given to the owner who minted them. This depends on the level of accumulated $Haku for worship in the temple.
  • The Total HAKU cost to mint all the Monks & Ninjas will be 6,255,750 HAKU tokens.

How to Mint

To make the mint as fair as possible and to sustain long-term value, both the whitelist and public mints will be the same price. The benefit of the whitelist is to guarantee allocation for early adopters and NFT enthusiasts. The first 5,000 The Battle of Haku NFTs is minted for the low price of 1 AVAX.

Minting is ONLY valid at

The minting date will be announced once there are 850 registered whitelist addresses OR on April 29th. Whichever comes first.

Minting costs

If you were a HAKU public sale buyer and DID NOT sell HAKU OR sold your HAKU but bought back to an equal or higher level from your public sale purchase, you are entitled to a FREE battle of Haku NFT. A random snapshot will be taken before the mint begins and the addresses will be published.


There are many ways to earn a whitelist spot to mint your very own Battle of Haku NFT! There is a maximum of 1,000 wallets available for the whitelist. Each whitelisted address can mint up to 5 NFTs. Public sale minters can mint up to 30 NFTs. The breakdown of ways to get whitelisted is below

  • 351 Addresses: Public Sale Haku buyers are automatically whitelisted. Submit your wallet and discord ID here to gain the Whitelist role:
  • 200 Addresses: Hold at least 1,000 xHAKU tokens — submit your proof here:
  • 200 Addresses — Hakuswap Discord Invite Contest — Invite 2 users for a whitelist using your unique link
  • 200 Addresses: Discord Activity Contest — join the lucrative contest!
  • 49 Addresses: Community building, giveaways, promotions, and any other method approved by the team to give away whitelist spots.

Join the Hakuswap Discord to learn more about the whitelist process!



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