Introducing HakuSwap Ambassador Program. Earn up to 250 $Haku!

We’re super excited to launch our new #HakuSwapAmbassador program to encourage the growth and success of our #HakuSwap Community and brand across the crypto space.

The program will reward active members in $HAKU for strengthening and educating the HakuSwap community with meaningful and engaging content to help increase awareness about our products.

The ambassador program requires that you are up to date with all the developments at HakuSwap and actively involved to earn a #HakuAmbassador title and receive rewards paid out in $HAKU.

To be eligible for the rewards, you need to be actively involved and share constructive posts in the form of recurring Twitter, Telegram, Youtube, Blogs, Reddit, and other HakuSwap related content that is informative and at the same time engaging.

To be eligible for a #HakuSwapAmbassador title, you are required to

  • Help new HakuSwap members use the platform through frequent posts and Tweets.
  • Share details on the features of the platform
  • Provide constructive feedback to community members and anyone interested in using the platform in our official accounts. See below.
  • Respond to users’ questions and comments
  • Be actively engaged on Twitter ( More engagement more rewards)

The participants will receive more rewards based on the number/ level of engagements they generate. See the table below:

Do keep in mind that the rewards will be distributed based on the engagement level, likes and retweets. This will include the originality of the post and the amount of interest it generates.

Our team will reward members passionate about and willing to support the #HakuSwap family.

About the rewards:

  • *Please keep in mind that the rewards will only be sent to Real Account Holders with a Considerable Number of Followers and High Level of Engagement.
  • Accounts that rely on Bots will be Disqualified. The participating accounts will be reviewed thoroughly and contacted accordingly. The current rewards are subject to revaluation according to the amount of engagement and the amount of work put in.

The rewards will be distributed on a Weekly Basis to the participants who have met the requirements and completed the Registration Form:

We can’t wait to see our #HakuSwapAmbassadors Family grows with you!

To find out more about HakuSwap, please follow our social media channels and stay updated on the new developments

HakuSwap Team

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