HakuSwap Product Update Newsletter #1

6 min readFeb 15, 2022


At HakuSwap, as new milestones are unlocked, new advancements are introduced. This would not have been possible without the support of our community, and we wish to express our appreciation to all of you for staying with us in this transformative journey.

Having come this far, we felt the need to reflect back on those exciting achievements and give you a summary of our product development and accomplished milestones.

Sold Out $HAKU Token Sale

The $HAKU token sale was a SMASHING success. 1,250,000 HAKU was for sale at $0.40 USCE.e each with a hard cap of $500,000 with a $5,000 wallet cap. The starting time of the sale was 5 PM UTC Feb 7th and was scheduled for 24 hours or until the hard cap was reached. The hard cap was reached in only 40 minutes with 350 participants and 44 max $5,000 buyers. The $HAKU token was a culmination of months of hard work from the Hakuswap team to build a safe and strong platform to support low-cost and efficient swaps on Avalanche.

$HAKU Farming Launch

Public Sale HAKU claims were scheduled for 5 PM UTC February 8th after the initial liquidity of $250,000 AVAX & 625,000 ($250,000 HAKU) was set. At this time, the farming emissions for the farms & xHAKU were enabled. Swap mining was also enabled. Unfortunately, it was quickly discovered that buying HAKU was not allowed. Only sells could be processed.

An announcement was immediately made that the team was looking into the problem and would be rectified soon. The price of $HAKU went from the starting price of $0.40 quickly to $0.1475 as only sells were processed. The team went to work right away to diagnose the problem and quickly discovered the reason traders could not buy Haku was due to a lack of $HAKU-USDT liquidity and the HAKU buys were not able to be processed due to the SwapMining Contract. The swap miner is the contract used to reward accounts in $HAKU when trades are processed through the Hakuswap router.

The SwapMining target token is $USDT which means that the contract required HAKU-USDT liquidity to process the rewards for trading. At this time, the only liquidity for HAKU was HAKU-AVAX. The swap mining contract was disabled 48 minutes after launch and at this time buyers were able to buy $HAKU. The price quickly rebounded to $0.40.

The swap miner will be enabled in the coming days.

Public Sale Buyers Compensation and Benefits

If it wasn’t for the confidence of the public sale buyers, Hakuswap would not have launched nor would the team have the funds needed to develop the roadmap.

Public Sale Buyers

  1. All public sale buyers are automatically whitelisted for The Battle of Haku (BOH)NFT sale
  2. All public sale buyers who did not sell their HAKU will receive a FREE BOH NFT.
  3. If a public sale buyer sold Haku, they have the chance to buy back to their original or greater HAKU position to qualify for the free BOH NFT. A snapshot will be randomly taken from (Feb 14th) to the start of the BOH NFT sale.

This is valued at over 2 AVAX per NFT and we expect the rare NFTs to trade on the secondary market for 20–50+ AVAX.

Protocol Changes

The Hakuswap team has made the following changes to deliver more value to Haku investors.

Initially, 25% of each swap would be set aside and used to daily market buy HAKU and share it with xHAKU stakers. Now, 100% of the swap revenue to the Hakuswap team will be used to market buy Haku!

Media & AMAs



CryptoGirlfriend AMA

RugDoc AMA


Matic News AMA


ZTH Crypto AMA


Snowball AMA


Savage Fitness Crypto Youtube Review


UP NEXT CRYPTO Youtube Review



Onto Wallet $4,000 Liquidity Mining Event


Hakuswap Vaults at Yieldwolf.Finance

YieldWolf is a next-generation DeFi automation platform. It automates yield-farming strategies on the most well-known protocols efficiently.


Volume & Liquidity Growth

Total volume exchange: $3,100,589

Total volume haku $1,593,464

Total TVL Exchange $7,256,759

Total liq haku $791,117

$HAKU Price: $0.36

$HAKU holders: 876


You can now easily view and track Hakuswap exchange information in addition to your personal balances at the following trackers. We will continue adding more trackers for a wider reach.

Debank https://debank.com/projects/avax_hakuswap

Defi Llama https://defillama.com/protocol/hakuswap

Dex Screener https://dexscreener.com/avalanche/hakuswap

Trackers in Progress
Coin Market Cap: https://coinmarketcap.com/exchanges/hakuswap/

CoinGecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/hakuswap (pending market price & stats)

Our team has submitted the HAKU token and the Hakuswap exchange applications to both CoinMarketCap and Coingecko and we can’t wait to share with our community the final stage of the application.

AMAs Giveaway Winners

The past few days were amazingly great times seeing outstanding interest in everything Haku! The team at HakuSwap connected with both @CryptoGrlfriend and @maticnews_com. The event made a nice splash on the broader communities, and we will continue to reward those who are putting in efforts to communicate our work and help us build great value for the community.

The Transaction IDs (Txid) of our “Gleam Giveaway Rewards” for #HakuSwap AMAs with @CryptoGirlfriend & @maticnews_com can be viewed here!🤑





The Battle of Haku Preview

Our team is working incessantly and wholeheartedly to deliver a world-class NFT game with several exciting features. Here is a short synopsis of what the game entails, and we can’t wait to reveal more.

The Battle of Haku- Synopsis

In the misty valley of Mount Haku, a group of Monks pray to the Spirit of the Mountain in order to reach enlightenment. Their enlightenment comes to them in $HAKU. The more they pray the more HAKU is available. The Monks pray in the mountain temples and donate their HAKU to the temple. The more HAKU in the temple the more Monks can be recruited. But danger lurks in the shadows of the mountain… The Dark Valley Ninjas

The Dark Valley Ninjas are on the hunt to rob the Monks and steal their precious HAKU. They’ll take it by any means necessary. They’ll kidnap the Monks or catch them during prayer and steal all of their HAKU. In order to end the bloodshed, the Temple Monks made a deal with the Ninjas. The Monks will pay a tax on all HAKU enlightenment. In return, the Ninjas don’t attack the Monks in their temples.

But if a Monk leaves the temple or new recruits are gathered, the Ninjas don’t hold back.

The Valley Battles Game is a risk protocol for NFTs with novel tokenomics. It shows what’s possible with interactions between the ERC-20 and ERC-721 protocols. For the very first time, your NFT can steal other NFTs (ERC-721 tokens) for you. The rarer your NFT, the more tokens you’ll accumulate probabilistically. The Valley Battles Game is pioneering new types of NFT mechanics. Our play to earn game “The Battle of Haku” is undergoing swift development and we’re so excited to push it out.

Should you have any questions or concerns, let us know and we will do our best to assist you.

To find out more about hakuSwap, please follow our social media channels and stay updated on new developments

HakuSwap Team

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