Buckle up for the upcoming Battle of Haku NFT Game Public Sale!


First of all, A huge thank you from all of the HakuSwap team to everyone who has supported us throughout our journey of building the next generation of yield-farming, mining and NFT play-to-ean products on the Avalanche blockchain.

The Battle of Haku is a first of kind innovative play-to-earn NFT game built on the Avalanche Blockchain that was set to launch Friday, May 13th, at 5PM UTC. However, the past few days saw a bearish downturn in the crypto space leading BTC and other popular tokens to lose their value dragging the entire cryptocurrency market down.

Despite the current bearish market sentiment, our team continues to make significant strides forward in terms of product development by adding innovative features and enhanced security to protect the interests of investors. It was a tough decision to postpone the launch date to Friday, May 20th, at 5PM UTC to give your investment a great start when the market hopefully makes a rebound. The move was necessary to protect the brand value and reconstitute a better launch.

We hope that this decision will give a little extra time for the market to recover, and therefore provide more opportunities for people to participate. We care for the stability and security of the project to protect the interest of investors and bring more value to the Avalanche Blockchain. So sit tight and get ready for all the exciting product announcements.

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HakuSwap Team



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